Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

The safety of the students and community of Pope Francis CES is a top priority. Here are some reminders for your consideration when dropping students off to our school:

  • Please proceed slowly at all times. Keep in mind that pedestrians are liable to appear in any direction.  Pedestrians always have the right of way.
  • When dropping kindergarten students off in the Kiss’n Ride area, please proceed as close to the stop sign as possible. Only Kindergarten students should be dropped off adjacent to the Kindergarten Yard.  Other students should be dropped off before this point anywhere along the sidewalk.
  • Keep in mind that students may enter the Kindergarten Yard through any gate, not necessarily the one closest to their classroom. Always use the passenger-side doors.
  • If you must leave your vehicle for any reason, please park your vehicle in a designated parking spot or on the street.
  • Students should be fully dressed for school and the weather conditions prior to leaving home. Backpacks should be in the passenger compartment and not the trunk.
  • Parking in the Kiss’n Ride lanes is never permitted.
  • Buses always have priority in the loop off of Barons. Please do not impede buses in any manner.
  • Try to avoid stopping your vehicle at the bend in the Kiss’n Ride. Doing so impedes traffic and causes unnecessary congestion.
  • Supervision does not begin prior to 8:50 am. Students may not be dropped off prior to this time.
  • Where possible, please consider having students walk to school.
  • Safety and Patience go hand-in-hand!