September Special Education Update

Parents are invited to explore the following links to further support learning at home.

TVO LearnTVO Learn provides educators and parents with grade and subject-specific resources to support student learning.

TVO mPowerTVO mPower helps students boost foundational math skills and confidence with interactive STEM games.

TVO MathifyFree 1:1 online math tutoring with Ontario Certified Teachers

Promo: Power Hour of LearningFeatures one-hour episodes highlighting the Ontario curriculum and is hosted by Ontario educators on TVOKids Teacher Power Hour  and the TVOkids Power Hour of Learning – YouTube .

TVO ArtsA resource that decodes and demystifies iconic works of Canadian art. As each episode unfolds, interact with content about the artists, their backstories, and their diverse perspectives. You’ll discover why and how artists create and share their love of art.

Screen Time | –  For Parents: A TVO podcast about the impact of technology on children. Presented by Antica Productions and TVO, hosts Taylor Owen and Nicole Edwards explore various topics with parents/caregivers and children who are navigating the digital world. The podcasters connect with researchers and policymakers who can help us understand its impact.